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MAGIC has existed in many forms. From large stage illusionMs to closeup tricks on a table. Closeup Magic sometimes causes confusion in the eyes of some people who are unfamiliar with magic and magicians. The term “close up” refers to the fact that the spectator is ‘close up’ to where the action is taking place. You are literally a couple of feet from the performer. You get to see everything, or at least what the magician wants you to see. What you see is magic happening right in front of you … or even in your own hands!

The closeup illusions that I will be performing will be from between the 1860’s to the early1950’s and created by some famous magicians you’ve probably never heard of.  The final illusion will be performed by the mansion’s most famous spirit, Mollie Woodruff, who died in 1917!

Come to this limited seating event at the Woodruff-Fontaine House, and venture into the Victorian Ballroom and take your seat.  Watch me create the magic … right in front of you!

Above is a book that Harry Houdini wrote in 1920

The photos were from the Magic Basement shows from August 2019.  This is a very interactive show where anyone who is interested, gets to participate in the show!

Seen here is the very illusion that Mollie Woodruff (died 1917)

communicates her mischievous behavior in the final illusion of "The Magic Basement".

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